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Bottle/Jar Filling Line

  • JGF-1 Automatic Nuts Bottle/jars filling line
JGF-1 Automatic Nuts Bottle/jars filling line

JGF-1 Automatic Nuts Bottle/jars filling line

  • MOQ:1set
  • Original:China
  • Delivery time: 40 working days
  • Package:export wooden cases

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This line consists of bottle/jar feeding table,linear weigher or combination head weighing filling machine fro granule, dried food, nuts,etc.,cap feeding machine,capping machine,labeling machine,etc.used for filling granules into bottle or jars.




Working progress:

tin can/Bottle feeding → Z elevator→ weighing and filling with combined scale → material receiving with rotary table → can sealing → labeling → dust cover buckle → bottle receiving

The total unit includes:

1.Automatic bottle feeding table

1.1 The machine body is made of high-quality stainless steel, and other parts are also made of non-toxic and durable series materials. Some imported parts are selected for electrical and pneumatic systems

1.2Low standby failure rate and high reliability.

1.3 The diameter of the turntable is 800mm, which is suitable for the bottle diameter of 40- 130mm and the

4. According to different bottle types, the fastest production efficiency can reach 60 bottles/ minute.

5. Power supply: single phase 220V, 50Hz, 0. 12kw

2.Combined 14 heads scale

Scope of application:

It is suitable for weighing various granular, flake, strip, round and irregular materials such as candy, melon seeds, jelly, frozen, pet food, puffed food, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds, raisins and other leisure food, large shell nuts, hardware, plastic colloidal particles and so on.

Functional features:

1. Special sensors with high precision and high standard are adopted.

2. The factory parameter setting recovery function supports multi-stage weight calibration.

3. In case of lack of material, it can be automatically suspended to make the weighing more stable.

4. During operation, the amplitude of each line can be adjusted independently to make the feeding more uniform.

5. Multiple languages are available, easy to operate and suitable for the global market.

6. Store 100 sets of parameter settings, realize various material requirements, help menu and facilitate learning and use.

3.rotary table particle feeder


1. Filling diameter φ 40~ φ 130mm, applicable height 50 ~ 200mm (customized according to the size of the tank)

2. Rotary table station: 10 stations (the design may be changed according to the actual situation)

3. The production efficiency is about 30-50 cans per minute;

4. The overall appearance is mainly made of stainless steel 304, with a thickness of 1.5mm;

5. When changing the blanking diameter, the chuck and receiving hopper need to be replaced, and the replacement and commissioning time is about 10 minutes;

6. Change the height of the tank without replacing accessories. Shake the hand wheel. The range is controlled at 50-200mm and the adjustment time is about 5 minutes;

7. Conveyor belt motor 0.2KW * 2, stepper motor power 0.55kw, total power 0.95kw, single-phase 220V motor;

8. Air source configuration: about 2m3 / min, 0.6-0.8mpa. The air source or air pump is used as auxiliary equipment, and relevant auxiliary equipment needs to be provided by itself;

9. Control panel: 7-inch LCD

4.full automatic aluminum can sealing machine

1. Sealing diameter φ 40~ φ 130mm, tank sealing height 60 ~ 220mm;

2. Stabilize the production efficiency of 40 cans for one minute;

3. The air compressor needs to be configured separately. The power of the air compressor is more than 3KW and the air supply pressure is 0.6MPa;

4. The overall appearance material is mainly made of stainless steel 304, with a thickness of 1.5mm;

5. Four hobs are used for sealing, the sealing force is more uniform, and the sealing performance index can meet the international standard;

6. It adopts intelligent program design and touch screen control, which is convenient and simple to use and set;

7. The roller is imported from Taiwan and made of skd31 Japanese die steel;

8. Set uncovered and unsealed cans and fault detection shutdown to effectively reduce equipment faults;

9. The lower cap can cover 200 pieces (one barrel) at a time;

6.automatic positioning and labeling machine

1. Labeling accuracy: ± 1mm (excluding product and label errors);

2. Labeling speed: 25 ~ 40 pieces / min (related to product size);

3. Applicable product size: diameter Ф 20mm Ф 110mm, height 30-350mm;

4. Applicable label size: length: 10mm ~ 350mm, width (bottom paper width): 10mm ~ 150mm;

5. Applicable label: volume label (inner diameter) Ф 76mm, OD Ф Within 300mm);

6. Applicable power supply: 220V / 50Hz;

7. Total power: about 1.74kw

8. Weight of the whole machine: the net weight is about 260kg and the gross weight is about 300kg;

9. Equipment size (length * width * height) is about 2.0m * 1.3m * 1.6m;

10. The overall appearance material is mainly 304 stainless steel and aluminum alloy;

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